Terms and Conditions


1. The Reece Group Foundation Limited (ABN 89 635 658 276) (Foundation) support scheme (Scheme) is consistent with the Foundation's objects as set out in its Constitution.

2. Financial support under the Scheme must advance the Foundation's objectives.

3. Submitting an application for financial or material support under the Scheme (Support) from the Foundation shall be deemed an acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions). 

4. The Scheme includes 2 support categories: Abroad and Local. These Terms and Conditions apply to both categories under the Scheme.

5. Submitting an application to the Foundation for Support is free.


Who is eligible?

6. Support may be provided to Australian residents who meet the Selection Criteria except employees and immediate families of the Foundation and any member of the Reece Group of companies. (Reece).


Support Review Process

7. Each submission is reviewed and assessed by a selection panel on a quarterly basis in accordance with a formal review process as determined by the Foundation and communicated to applicants.

8. Incomplete Applications will be automatically withdrawn and not considered by the Selection Panel. It is the responsibility of the individual applying for Support (Applicant) to ensure all required documentation is included in the application (Application).

9. Successful Applicant(s) will be identified and notified of their successful application (refer to clause 28).

10. Any decision made by the Foundation in relation to Support is final and not subject to appeal.


Support Application Process

11. An Application is completed online. 

12. An Applicant must complete an Application Form found on the Foundation’s website (https://www.reecegrant.com.au/apply/).

13. Applicants must fill out all compulsory fields in the Application Form. 

14. Applicants must stipulate what element of the project they are seeking funding for (Project) and to which, if successful, the Foundation’s support will be allocated. 

15. Applicants acknowledge that their online Application is only received by the Foundation when they receive a confirmation email confirming their successful submission, with a copy of their application.

16. Applicants must acknowledge that they have read the Terms and Conditions by accepting the Terms and Conditions on the submission page.  


Acknowledgement, warranty, and indemnity

17. By accepting the Terms and Conditions:

a) Applicants agree to attend an interview to discuss their Project if selected as a shortlisted Applicant;
b) Those Applicants who submit a video and/or any photographs with their Application warrant that they:

1. are the author of the Application that they submit;
2. have the authority to submit the video and/or photographs for the purpose of consideration for Support;
3. have the right to grant the Foundation permission to use the video and/or photographs; and
4. such use will not breach any third party intellectual property rights.

c) Each Applicant agrees to indemnify the Foundation and Reece and their agents, servants, contractors and employees from and against all actions, proceedings, costs, damages, claims, demands, expenses, losses and liabilities whatsoever arising from the Project.


Availability of Support

18. Applications for Support will be reviewed on a quarterly basis (or such other frequency as determined by the Foundation from time to time) and the number of successful Applications will be subject to funds raised for the Foundation at the point in time. Accordingly, Support may not always be available and may vary throughout the year. 

19. There is no application close date for submitting Applications. Accordingly, the Foundation reserves the right to award support at any time throughout the calendar year. 

20. The Foundation is not bound to accept any Application and it reserves the right to:

a) vary, suspend, or abandon the Scheme at any time; and
b) reject any Application.


Form of Support and Successful Applicants

21. Support may take the form of cash and/or product(s) provided by any member of the Reece Group of companies (Product). 

22. The Foundation in consultation with the Support Selection Panel to be determined by the Foundation from time to time (or their authorised delegates) will determine whether the relevant Support will be in the form of cash or Product or a combination of both based on the Application and Project requirements. 

23.The successful Applicant(s) will be determined by the Selection Panel in accordance with clause 24 who may consider any additional requirements and guidelines outlined on the Foundation’s website from time to time. 

24.The Foundation may select Applicants for Support at its absolute discretion. In exercising its discretion, it may, but is not obliged to, consider none, one, some or all the following selection criteria (Selection Criteria): 

a) the Applicant’s ability to describe the Project to be undertaken as presented in the Support Application Form and interview process if selected as a shortlisted candidate;
b) the value/quality of life improvement to the chosen community/cause to create a healthier and happier community;
c) the Applicant’s ability to outline the elements of the Project that the Support will contribute to; and
d) such other criteria that the Foundation considers relevant for consideration in making its determination.

25. The Support determined for the successful applicant will be redeemable for a period of 12 months from the date the Foundation notifies the successful applicant of the Support approval in accordance with clause 28.

26. The Foundation may request from an Applicant any further information or documentation in relation to the Project which it considers necessary, in its absolute discretion. Applicants must be able to supply proof of the Project in the form of documentation or photographic evidence. The Foundation may request a third-party validation.

27. A successful Applicant will be notified by the Reece Cares Manager (or their authorised delegate) by telephone or email or such other form of communication as determined by the Foundation from time to time.


Acceptance of Support

28. By accepting the Foundation’s Support, the Applicant grants the Foundation a non-exclusive licence to reproduce, publish, perform, communicate, adapt or otherwise use stories, photographs and images of the Project the Foundation’s Support was awarded to at any time from the time of the Application for any purpose (including commercial purposes) free of any charge.

29. By accepting the award of the Foundation’s Support, the successful Applicant agrees to undertake the activity as specified in their Application (Activity) and agree to spend or use the allocating Support in undertaking the Activity only.

30. The successful Applicant agrees to notify the Foundation of any circumstance that is likely to impact on the ability to complete the Activity or a major impact (adverse or otherwise) on the specified Activity.

31. The successful Applicant agrees to return any and all funds awarded towards the Activity if not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

32. Upon submission, all Applications become the property of the Foundation. The Applications may be entered into a database for future promotional, marketing and/or publicity purposes.

33. Reece and the Foundation accepts no responsibility for late, lost, misplaced or misdirected Applications.

34. Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, the Foundation will not be liable for any failure to submit an Application where such a failure arises out of any technical difficulties or equipment malfunction (whether or not under the Foundation's control).

35. The Foundation is not liable for any costs, expenses, loss or damage incurred by the Applicant, including but not limited to direct or consequential loss, or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the Application, including required documentation, irrespective of whether the Application is successful or not.


Privacy Statement

The Foundation collects your personal information in conducting the Support application process. The personal information you have provided to the Foundation is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Foundation's Privacy Policy (available from https://www.reecegrant.com.au/privacy/). The Foundation may share your personal information with third parties such as Reece, professional advisers, creative agencies and other companies engaged to carry out functions and activities on the Foundation's behalf, including direct marketing or otherwise in accordance with the Foundation's Privacy Policy. In certain circumstances, your information may be disclosed overseas, for example, to an overseas entity or persons residing overseas. The Foundation's Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access and request correction of your personal information and provides information about how a complaint will be dealt with by the Foundation.  If you do not wish to receive promotional material from the Foundation or third parties, you must advise the Foundation by email or telephone or via the specific opt-out procedures in the relevant communication.