Support in a new city for Josh

Reece Next Gen Grant recipient Joshua Gorman’s obvious passion for his work is summed up in one quote, ‘Doctors cure disease; plumbers prevent it’. Josh had seen this quote – originally said by former Reece Grant recipient, Ian Stevens – on a TV in a Reece branch, and was inspired by the meaning behind it.

“That’s the main drawcard for me,” he says. “Plumbers play such a vital role in a community. It’s easy to take it for granted but the fact is there are no short cuts or easy ways around. High standards are non-negotiable, and when we do our job right, everybody benefits. So I’m always proud of the end product and all the hard work, expertise and hours of practice that went into it.”

Josh looks forward to completing his four-year apprenticeship at Holmesglen in August 2019 and subsequently obtaining his license and becoming his own boss.

Until then, Josh is busy settling into work and life in Melbourne. Starting from scratch in a new city on an apprentice’s wage is challenging, and he is thrilled to receive his $2,000 Grant, which he will use towards training fees, tools, work attire and safety equipment. “The Grant is important to me as it recognises that completing an apprenticeship is difficult at times,” he says.

Josh is continuing his apprenticeship at Platform Plumbing under the mentorship of his boss Ben Wong and his close colleague Daniel Sharrat. “They’ve been really great,” says Josh. I’m really lucky to have been put in contact with them – so far the decision to move east has been the best I’ve made.”

The ability to keep learning is yet another factor that draws Josh towards his work. “There are so many different skills that you need to master. You need to ‘learn how to learn’, and you need to be really good at explaining your work and what a project involves to people who aren’t in the trade.”

Powers of observation are also important. “There are so many great plumbers out there with years of experience, and when you see a job well done with techniques you haven’t seen before, you have to be able to watch and pick up fast – and interested enough to ask the right questions and learn more,” he says.

“I like to think plumbers are custodians of a community’s well-being,” Josh says. “The comfortable lives we lead are the result of hard work by generations of great plumbers, and this makes me proud and excited about what’s in store for me in my career.”