Project details

Geelong, Australia
October 2018

The initiative

Richard is a 32-year-old third-year apprentice at Victoria University, working at Tek Plumbing. Richard worked in mining for several years before getting tired of the fly-in fly-out lifestyle. He made the change to plumbing to harness his excavator experience. However, as a single father of four, Richard struggled to balance his work and home life. His Reece Next Gen Grant will help fund his studies and the tools he needs.

I want to learn as much as I can, getting the knowledge and skills I’ll need to run my own plumbing business.

Richard Key

Richard’s Italian and Portuguese heritage taught him the value of hard work and manual labour. He got his opportunity laying bricks for BHP, and quickly climbed the ladder there. His shift to plumbing is motivated by his four young kids.

Reece Grant Richard Key plumbing student2