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Melbourne, Australia
July 2018

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After some initial difficulties getting his career off the ground, Brendon has a great new boss and an apprenticeship he loves. Brandon’s day-to-day can see him working on all kinds of jobs, from domestic to irrigation, commercial and maintenance. He’s a hard worker and is passionate about plumbing, but as a first-year apprentice at Chisholm TAFE, funding all the tools he needs and paying for fees has been a struggle. He knows that if you want to do a good job, you need good, reliable tools. With support from the Reece Next Gen Grant, Brendon will be able to buy tools specific to the jobs he needs to do, and can put some towards saving for a ute. Taking away some of the financial stress means Brendan can focus on learning and getting the job done.

“I love my job. Plumbing is important because everyone needs water. And I love being outside and doing something different every day.”

Brendon Head

Budding plumber Brendon loves his job and knows in plumbing he’s found what he wants to do with his life. He has his goals laid out. First, it’s getting qualified, then it’s saving for his own ute. Eventually he’d like to run his own business, employing as many as 20 plumbers. Right now, he’s just learning as much as he can.

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