Project details

Mt Eliza, Australia
January 2019

The initiative

Mt Eliza Primary School has been running a Kitchen Garden program for many years. It’s a place that brings people together, including parents, grandparents, teachers and students – and allows them to connect in the outdoors.

Kitchen Garden teacher Jane is a fantastic asset to this program. From planting all the seeds in the garden, to engaging the children in the kitchen, she has truly made an impact.

Landscaping specialists Tony and Bernie Blackford have volunteered their time and expertise to installing irrigation to help make the garden grow and flourish.

Now fitted with a complete irrigation system, including dripline, a water tank and pump, the garden is thriving.

Mt Eliza,
It’s a wonderful program where kids learn how to grow, care for and cook fresh fruit, veggies and herbs.

Tony and Bernie Blackford

With two children at Mt Eliza Primary School, this project is very dear to Tony and Bernie Blackford. Living and working in the area for the past 30 years, they are passionate about bringing the local community together. Bernie is a volunteer at the Kitchen Garden, working with parents, teachers and students and assisting with the maintenance of the garden. Her dedication to this project has allowed the program to reach its full potential.

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