Sam's Project Update

A morning coffee is a daily ritual. What if your morning coffee could do more than just kick-start your day? What if it could change someone’s life?

Melbourne plumber and Reece Grant recipient, Sam Horne, has helped a local café do just that.

Kinfolk is a café that addresses social inclusion with a volunteer staff that is the driving force of the social enterprise. As their website proudly states, the team at Kinfolk ‘give a fork’. 100% of their distributable profits are donated to their partner charities annually, offering support to people of all backgrounds.

“At Kinfolk we create an inclusive environment for people to come in, gain training, and gain their confidence,” explains Jarrod Briffa, Kinfolk CEO.

“We're working with people all the time who have disabilities, mental health challenges, men who are transitioning from prison, amongst many other things.”

Kinfolk would not exist without its dedicated network of volunteers. Alongside Sam and the other trades that helped to get the project off the ground, there’s a 60-strong team that supports the day to day operation of the café, providing education and training, and a coffee or two along the way.

Sam was instrumental in preparing the café for business, and the Grant that he received for this project contributed to the plumbing supplies and key fittings vital to get the space up and running, including a hot water unit and kitchen tapware.

Saving on trades means more money to give back to the community. Sam’s work has connected him with many other tradespeople, and he has a dedicated network who he can call on for any extra help. 

“It takes a huge burden off them, and helps them to get the project off the ground,” says Sam. 

Sam helped to connect all the plumbing in the fully equipped commercial kitchen, as well as installation of key appliances, cabinetry and workspaces. 

“Sam and the other trades were really pivotal in making it happen,” says Jarrod. “His advice is invaluable.”

Helping others in need is not new for Sam, who has been involved in other community and charity work for a number of years.

“For me it's just important to give something back,” Sam says. “I think I'm pretty blessed. I've grown up in the Western world, and I've been given so many opportunities that a lot of people don't have.”

This sentiment is echoed by Jarrod. “To me, giving back is about identifying what your unique gift is and being able to share that with your community.”

“Everyone has something that they can contribute that’s useful and can make a difference for others.”