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Melbourne, Australia
November 2017

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Kinfolk is a community café that addresses social inclusion, offering support to people of all backgrounds. Driven largely by a team of volunteers, this social enterprise donates distributable profits to partner charities annually, with a commitment to giving back and making a difference for minorities and challenged members of society. The funds given to Sam went towards plumbing supplies and key fittings for the commercial kitchen, including a hot water unit, tapware and fittings. Without the added burden of the costs for these materials and labour, more of the fundraising money can go to the cause, helping more people in need.

I think I'm pretty blessed. I've grown up in the Western world, and I've been given opportunities that other people don’t have.

Sam Horne

Sam Horne from SCS Plumbing has been involved in community work throughout his entire career, both locally and abroad. Having worked alongside Kinfolk for almost eight years now, Sam was excited to bring another project to life and help the team grow further. 

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