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Kelmscott, Australia
April 2018

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Growing the community from the ground up
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The initiative

The Kelmscott Community Garden is a place for everyone, where visitors can spend time with nature and reconnect with members of the local community. It’s a safe space that aims to help grow community spirit while enriching the environment at the same time. Reticulation specialist, David Thomas, was approached by the Kelmscott Community Garden to lend his expertise in irrigation to help make the garden more sustainable. Now fitted with irrigation, water tanks and a sensor-activated watering system, the garden is flourishing.

It’s nice to have something to give back to the community, and try to keep a bit of the community involved in the area.

David Thomas

Kelmscott local and father of two, David Thomas has lived and worked in the area for nearly forty years. His commitment to sustainable living has seen him involved in many outdoor projects, and the opportunity to give back to the community that has given him so much was one he warmly welcomed. Dave’s help has given the garden a significant head start, affording volunteers more time to grow the capabilities of the garden.

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