Innovative technology helps to educate Nulkaba pre-schoolers

Nulkaba is in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. Years of drought and an unprecedented summer of bushfires have highlighted how much of a precious resource water is for the local community. Cessnock Educational Children’s Centre is a not-for-profit organisation which has been operating since the early 1960s. 43-year-old Paul Turner has worked in community programs his whole life and having seen the impacts of drought in his community, he knew that the only way forward was through education. What better place to start than with the youngest members of the community?

Paul's team have set up a water engineering space for the preschool. The area includes a water pump, dry creek bed, a boat bridge and a music wall plumbed via two large tanks. Educators will use the space to teach kids how to value and take care of water.

“It’s impossible to overvalue educating children about the precious nature of water.”

One of the most exciting features is an air-to-water solution called a SOURCE Hydropanels. Paul’s Reece Grant will help fund the installation of 10 SOURCE Hydropanels at Nulkaba. These new panels do not use any electricity, only sun and air, to create perfect drinking water. With 57% humidity in the Cessnock area, Paul estimates that once installed they will create 7500 millimetres of water every day.

Educators will be able use the facilities to teach children on the importance of correct water management. In the short-term, the SOURCE Hydropanels also provide a reliable water source for the Nulkaba community. In the long run, these children will transition into the community as adults knowing the drastic impact and importance of clean water sources. Projects such as this will be pivotal in tackling issues associated with rising temperatures, helping to educate future generations.