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Nulkaba, Australia
April 2020

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Innovative technology helps to educate Nulkaba pre-schoolers
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The initiative

Nulkaba Educational Preschool is an early learning-based program that wants to teach children the value of water. With extended periods of drought and a devastating bushfire season, Paul Turner, the business operations manager, wants to set up a proactive learning opportunity for children and educators. An engineering area will be set up that features a water pump, dry creek bed, boat bridge and music wall which will be plumbed in through five 1000L water tanks. This will provide educators with the facilities to develop a water management program for the children. The area will also feature 10 SOURCE Hydropanels — a new type of air-to-water technology. The technology uses sunlight and air to clarify water, creating a supply of drinking water without any other input. These facilities will provide Nulkaba educators with tools to teach children how to correctly use, manage and respect water, and ensure there’s no wastage.  

“We require water, and we need to educate children on the value of water.”

Paul Turner

Paul Turner is the Operations manager of Cessnock Multipurpose Children’s Centre facilities, who operate Nulkaba. He supports expert educators to ensure every child is receiving top-tier education. In his spare time, you’ll find him playing with Tonka trucks or trying to work through his never-ending to-do list. 

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