Project details

Mayfield, Australia
April 2018

The initiative

Hunter Women’s Centre and Six Hats Early Childhood Service are run by the Hunter Region Working Women’s Group, a not for profit, community-based charity that provides services to improve the health and wellbeing of women and their families in the Newcastle and Hunter Region. The women who come to the Centre are often disadvantaged and experiencing difficulty, often through domestic violence or disability. The Hunter Women’s Centre’s bathroom is old, shabby, hard to keep clean and does not meet Australian standards. The $3000 Reece Local Grant will go towards upgrading the main bathroom with new fittings and completing the installation of two ambulant toilets, with an important focus on safety and usability.

We want them to come into an environment that is welcoming, one they can manage well, that shows they are respected, shows we understand they have issues, and that we care.

Meet Kerry

Kerry is the Services Manager at the Hunter Women’s Centre in Newcastle. She has a background in social policy and government and has worked at the Centre in various positions for 13 years. She says the Centre’s broken, shabby bathroom doesn’t help their important work in helping women build mental health and self-esteem after traumatic experiences and is looking forward to providing an even more supportive environment.

Kerry Perkins hunter womens health center