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Mooloolaba, Australia
Late 2019

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Helping to end ED with endED
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EndED is an organisation that works to provide support and healing for the many Australians who silently suffer from eating disorders (ED). The foundation creates awareness around the many issues and challenges associated with battling ED, as well as the hardships undertaken by loved ones. Established at a point when the health system in Australia wasn’t adequately geared towards patients with ED, endED has, since its inception, touched the lives of hundreds of patients. The organisation is now in the midst of building Australia’s first ever dedicated facility for ED patients. Daine Smith is lending his mechanical services expertise and is excitedly awaiting the point at which he and his team at Port City Air can step into the construction project, using his $5,000 Reece Grant to fund the installation of all the air conditioning and ventilation requirements at the new facility.

The best part of my work is knowing that it helps people out; and being part of this project that creates a space that helps and heals people who suffer from ED…it’s a great feeling.

Daine Smith

When fresh out of school, Daine was not sure what he wanted to do for the rest of his life, so he decided to learn a trade. The decision paid off. Port City Air, the company he started as a one-man operation, is now a household name throughout Queensland, with three branches to its name. It’s a busy life for this 37-year-old business owner but having a positive impact on his community makes all the hard work worthwhile.

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