Popular Campground Restored with New Facilities

Camp Eagle Eye is located on the coast of northern New South Wales. Around half an hour’s drive from Coffs Harbor, it’s the only campground available for the Scouts of the North Coast Region with over 900 members in 2019.

Unfortunately, Camp Eagle Eye’s facilities were showing their age. Six of the twelve showers in the main shower block had to be closed due to unsafe conditions. Given that the bunk house can sleep about 60 people, this led to some significant queues around shower time. The camp’s toilets are in a similarly run-down state.

Camp Eagle Eye isn’t just a Scout camp, though. It’s also an important fundraising arm for the Scouts. The space is rented to other community groups like distance education, land care organisations, and school camps. The rundown conditions meant they were unable to accommodate everyone, losing out on funding opportunities.

Shirley Kelly is part of the North Coast Region’s support team, that helps organise facilities and scheduling for the Scouts. She applied for a Reece Grant to fund the restoration of Camp Eagle Eye’s facilities. Now with assistance from Scouting Regional Commissioner and former plumber Ian Hale, they’ve been able to install brand new bathrooms.

“I’ll be proud to make our facilities available to the public.”

A 14m by 3m prefab structure was installed on-site, with 7 showers and 8 toilets, including one accessible shower and toilet which is a welcome addition to making the campground more available to everyone. With some rain in the region and the current coronavirus pandemic, installation took longer than anticipated, but now the new facilities are ready and waiting for camps to resume.

With these new facilities, the Scouts will be able to accommodate even larger groups. This means more money to further renovate Camp Eagle Eye. Shirley says, “renovating Camp Eagle Eye means more happy Scouts.”