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Camp Eagle Eye, Australia
May 2019

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Popular Campground Restored with New Facilities
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The initiative

Camp Eagle Eye is located on the north coast of New South Wales. It’s one of the only camp sites available for the Scout groups in the North Coast region, an area with over 800 members. The camp is also utilised by a variety of different users like weekly school camps, bird-watching groups and landcare associations.

The current facilities on the site are now outdated and inadequate. Six of the twelve showers have been closed for safety issues. Shirley and her team of Scout staff would like to update the amenities with new toilets and a shower, creating a clean and safe area for their Scout members and the general public.


Camp Eagle Eye,
These new updates will make us proud to have the general public using our shower blocks.”

Shirley Kelly

Shirley is part of the Scout support team in Australia’s North Coast region. Ian Hale is the Region Commissioner for Scouts in the area — while he hasn’t been a plumber for some years, he says once you’re on the tools, you never forget.

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