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Forbes, Australia
August 2018
2 months

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An outpouring of support for drought-affected farmers
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The initiative

The prolonged drought in New South Wales has had crippling consequences for Forbes’ farming community. Everyone has been soldiering on, but the town is a much quieter place now. The K&H Interiors office, however, is a hub of activity as funds and donations come pouring in ahead of the next Farm Rescue programme, which will happen from October 14-20. It’s been a little over two years since Reece Grant recipient, Kim Lowe set up the co-owned company in Forbes. Seeing the difficulties the neighbourhood has faced lately, Kim is determined to help in whatever way she can, giving back to the community that supported her business getting off the ground in its early years. Her $1,500 Reece Grant will go towards providing support to farmers who have had to cope with financial struggles due to the drought affecting production. Aside from financial support, Kim has also been busy gathering cash and goods donations and coordinating counselling services for those who need it.

Help can mean many things. It’s all about being able to listen and gauge a situation. There are so many unspoken needs, and we need to read between the lines and figure out what those are.

Meet Kim

Kim Lowe co-owns K&H Interiors with her business partner, Herb Beer. The company is a one-stop shop for all things interior design and construction. Kim’s excited to be part of the Farm Rescue drive and help out the community that has been exceptionally good to her and her business.

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