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Menindee, Australia
April 2019

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Empowering the Community to Engineer their own Success
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The initiative

Menindee is a town on the Darling River in western New South Wales. The town’s population is small, no more than a thousand. The Menindee Rail Carriage is a 1920s rail carriage that was transported to Menindee to create a unique opportunity; the first motel serviced by public school students. The carriage provides training in tourism and hospitality, as well as funding for Menindee Central School. Scott’s project involves a comprehensive renovation of the carriage’s bathroom facilities – an increase in showers, a new toilet block, and restoring water supply to vintage washbasins.

This project was conceived, executed, and maintained by the community. Now they need a little expertise to step forward.

Scott Johnson

Scott heard about the Menindee Rail Carriage from his wife, Caitlyn Whitby-Johnson, who has been involved in excursions from Killara High School to Menindee. Scott has been travelling the 1000kms to Menindee from Sydney in order to help the local community.

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