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Gweru District, Zimbabwe
February 2017
60 days

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Clean water for the first time in 20 years
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The initiative

Richard joined charity partner Hopes and Dreams to develop and implement a self-sustainable clean water supply to over 7,000 community members in the Gweru District, 300km from Zimbabwe’s capital. Part of the project included extensive training for village members to give them skills and knowledge so that they are equipped to perform ongoing maintenance into the future.

Gweru District,
The benefits of these programs are so much more than just bringing water to a community.

Meet Richard

Father of four boys, Richard Harvie, used his grant to implement Zimbabwe’s first public water point solar project. Richard always dreamed of bringing clean water to children in Africa and is known by family and friends for his passion for helping those in need. After supporting multiple water initiatives in the past, Richard was ecstatic to visit the community for the first time in 2017, especially to see the faces of the beneficiaries.

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