Bringing clean drinking water to Zambian school and community

Nsobe, Zambia, is renowned for its game park, home to giraffes, zebras, warthogs and over fifteen species of antelope. What people don’t know is the owner of this park, Fiona Tomlinson, is also responsible for educating an entire community of children. Fiona offered to drive her staff’s children the 10km journey to the local government school, but there she saw a lack of resources and an inability to provide quality education. She took it upon herself to teach, and when her ‘small’ group grew to over seventy, she asked the community for land to build a school on.


Like many rural areas, the school is the heart of the community. They rely heavily on public donations to keep afloat. All the families in the area were accessing water from a spring over a kilometre away.

Enter Philip Hall, a builder from Western Australia, who first visited Zambia in 2012 with his wife and son. The trio were with an organisation called Seeds for Hope, working at a home for children orphaned as a result of the HIV crisis. It was Seeds for Hope that introduced Phil to Nsobe Trust School and he immediately fell in love with the community. He’s been back every year to help the school continue to develop durable infrastructure.

Over the years, Phil has seen how much of a difference reliable infrastructure has had on the community — but access to clean drinking water remained out of reach. By applying for a Reece Grant, Phil was able to provide the entire community with a means to access safe reliable drinking water.

While Phil hoped to travel to Nsobe along with a team of volunteers, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes that an impossibility. Instead, Phil’s managing the entire project remotely. Seeds of Hope are going to supply an on-site building team, and assisted by local labourers, they’re executing the entire project themselves. This includes drilling a deeper bore at the secondary school, along with a new solar panel system powering a pump and holding tank. At the primary school, constructing a raised tank stand to get gravity-fed water pressure to run to the teacher accommodation. Finally, for the greater community, a connection so drinking water can run from a spring in the game park to a new tank — for everyone to access.

“Everyone in the world should be able to access clean drinking water. It’s the first step to making a happy and healthy community.” - Phil

Water is the lifeblood of Nsobe. Access to clean water is a gamechanger for this community. Installing solar panels was an essential factor for Phil. At no extra running cost and minimum maintenance required, the solar panels will ensure the Nsobe community will continue to access clean water for the years to come.

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