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Nsobe, Zambia
March 2020

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Drinkable water for Nsobe Primary & Secondary School
Bringing clean drinking water to Zambian school and community
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The initiative

Nsobe is a remote town in Zambia. Like many rural villages in Africa, the local school is at the heart of the community. Philip Hall first travelled to Zambia with his wife and son in 2012 to volunteer at a boarding school set up for children orphaned by HIV. It was there that he was introduced to Seeds of Hope, a Canadian charity who supports Nsobe Trust School by funding a daily feeding program.

Nsobe Trust School is the lifeblood of Nsobe — but with limited access to clean water, the community is suffering from waterborne diseases and illnesses. Phil wants to bring safe drinking water to the school, and the entire community that’s been established around it. Working remotely due to coronavirus, he’ll manage a team of locals to build water tanks and pumps.

This may seem basic stuff to us in Australia but in Zambia—if you have access to safe drinking water and good toilets then you’re going to be healthy and happy!

Philip Hall

Phil Hall is a builder, business owner, husband and father who’s passionate about building infrastructure that is durable and eco-friendly. He wanted to put his years of experience in the building industry to use.

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