Reece Grant “hits the ground running” in East Timor

14th October 2015

Reece Grant recipient, James Millis’ project in East Timor is underway.

James received $5,000 through the Reece Grant initiative earlier in the year to put towards a project set to improve sanitation and hygiene facilities in underprivileged communities.

His project supports the Red Cross and Friends of Manatuto who are restoring remote villages in East Timor, prone to landslides and flooding. While James isn’t on-site, he is assisting the construction of water and sanitation facilities, and helping the team in educating the communities on how to run sanitation systems themselves.

“Just receiving the grant has let us hit the ground running and keep things moving,” says James.

The Red Cross team recently met with the local community to determine their water and sanitation needs. Spring water is the main water source for four communities living in the mountains, but keeping the water free from contamination and transporting it to the villages is challenging, with community members spending hours a day carrying water.

The team also carried out technical investigations of existing infrastructure that is no longer functioning and investigated additional water sources to increase water quality and access.

The Reece Grant will be used to rehabilitate two existing spring boxes, which will result in both improved water quality and increased supply for the community.

“The highlight for me so far has been working with people who are in the business of making people’s lives better,” says James.

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