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Manuto, Timor-Leste
September 2015
2-3 months

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Grant recipient: James Millis
Reece Grant “hits the ground running” in East Timor
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The initiative

Spring water is the main water source for the communities living in the mountains, however keeping the water clean and transporting it is a major challenge. James put the Reece Grant funds towards restoring two remote villages with proper facilities to access spring water, water filtration and toilet facilities.

When we leave, the community will know how to fix problems when they arise and pass their knowledge down to the younger generation.

Meet James

James Millis partnered with the Red Cross and Friends of Manatuto, to restore water and sanitation facilities in remote villages in East Timor. The new dad supported the project from his home in Edithvale, Victoria, with the aim to visit the revitalised village shortly after. 

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