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Bhola Island, Bangladesh
May 2019

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Urgent Upgrades for Bhola Island
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The initiative

Bhola Island is the largest Bangladesh island, with a population of nearly 2 million people. The locals struggle with frequent cyclones and monsoons, as well as rampant poverty. The charity, Co-operation in Development, has been working to help the community by building schools across Bhola Island. Their Fred Hyde schools teach more than 12,500 children. However, the schools desperately need a facilities update; specifically, new toilets.

The lack of adequate toilet facilities has been a factor in parents not sending their children to school. Over 24 new toilets across 12 schools will be installed. Earth floors will be replaced with concrete and with added septic tanks, rather than earth closets.

Dayne Barrett

Dayne is the local contact and advisor to Paddy O’Leary, the volunteer manager of Co-Operation in Development. Dayne also runs his own business, Green Homes Darling Downs. He lives in Warwick, Queensland with his wife Michelle and their children.

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