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Bukhalu Village, Uganda
November 2018

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Clean water wells in Uganda
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Uganda is a country in recovery after many years of war. Sadly, many villages in rural areas are still without clean water sources, requiring a walk of almost an hour just to collect water. Leanne Tanner is working with Fields and Families, a Ugandan non-government organisation working to rebuild both infrastructure and hope. Their main concerns are healthcare, housing, education, and food security. Leanne will assist plumbers in the construction of boreholes and wells, which will provide a clean water source for around 700 homes. This much-needed equipment will reduce the time spent collecting water from neighbouring villages, allow more time for farming and studying, and also let people use the water for sustainable farming.

Bukhalu Village,
Sickness in children caused by polluted water leads to missing school which leads to remaining trapped in poverty. Clean water is vital to a healthy, happy and thriving community.

Leanne Tanner

Leanne is the Australian contact for Fields and Families. She is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, especially those who need it most.

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