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Tacloban, Philippines
August 2019

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Clive helps to ensure natural resources are being captured correctly
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Tacloban is a highly populated city in the Philippines, with more than 200,000 inhabitants. Tacloban faced unimaginable tragedy in 2013, when Typhoon Haiyan struck the country. Millions were displaced nationally, and nearly every structure in Tacloban was significantly damaged. Clive Buck is an Australian plumber working in Tacloban to provide water to displaced residents. Currently, residents are paying to fill large buckets and transport them home. Clive is working with local authorities to install rainwater tanks on individual properties. This will make more water available and reduce the burden on the citizens.

Clive Buck

Clive Buck has been a plumber for over 50 years. He’s also spent time as a TAFE teacher, so he has great experience in passing on his knowledge. Once he heard the story of Tacloban he was inspired to help in any way he could, which is why he applied for a Reece Grant.

Clive Buck reece grant plumbing recipient

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