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Cempaga, Indonesia
July 2018

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Beyond the water: A Balinese transformation
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In the community of Campagna, there’s a serious water problem. In the wet season, water is collected from village roofs, while in the dry season there is no water at all. In these dry months, families have to trek up to four kilometres into the village to purchase water, often spending up to a quarter of their income on water alone.

A long-time philanthropist who’s no stranger to pitching in to lend a hand, Lindsay began working with the Bali Children Foundation shortly after the Bali bombing, when he was asked to help rebuild the community.

The project in Campagna is at the final stage which will see plumbing installed from the top of the hill down into the village for use in cooking, hygiene and farming. It will also include education support for the schools to give the children better opportunities for their future, growing the community economy and helping the community become self-sustainable.

“The biggest difference in making communities self-sustainable is to give them access to water and sanitation.”

Lindsay Beer

From humble beginnings, Lindsay has built a large and varied business. His appetite for hard work has paid off and one business soon became many, including Chatsworth Construction, Caulfield South Plumbing, Roof Distributors and Major Kitchens. But success hasn’t stopped Lindsay and his family from constantly looking for ways to help others. Bali Children Foundation is one of many charities they have worked with. He is now one of three Australian BCF directors.

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