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Awake Village, Otuke District, Uganda
March 2020

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Clean drinking water and irrigated farmland in Northern Uganda
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Uganda struggled with war and regional conflict for over twenty years. Although the civil war ended in 2006, much of the country remains underdeveloped and disadvantaged. The Love Mercy Foundation was created to transform northern Uganda by increasing access to healthcare, clean water and food security. Northern Uganda has high agricultural potential but the lack of infrastructure, in particular irrigation, has meant harvests have been slim. Caitlin applied for a Reece Grant to help install a plot of irrigated horticultural land in Awake Village. A loan program will be introduced where local women will receive seeds and agricultural training to produce crops.  The program will provide food security and income generation for themselves, their families and their extended households.

Awake Village, Otuke District,
Just one project can create renewable sources of food, income and education.

Caitlin Barrett

Caitlin Barrett is the CEO of the Love Mercy Foundation. While she’s based in Sydney, she feels most at home when she is sitting under a mango tree in Uganda. She’s deeply passionate about improving the lives of Ugandan women and their families.

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