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Seikkyi, Myanmar [Burma]
March 2018
Twenty Months

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Restored hope for the community
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The initiative

Allan Toole, director of Living Water Development (LWD), is all about providing clean water and proper sanitation to communities that need it the most. His latest initiative sees him travelling once again to Seikkyi, Myanmar, to continue the work he started earlier this year, installing bio-sand filters (BSFs) for a community that receives little to no clean water for everyday use. The 20 filters already installed have meant long-awaited access to clean water, and Allan’s $10,000 Reece Abroad Grant will be used to continue this life-changing work with the installation of an additional 80-100 filters. The project includes a dedicated education component to generate more awareness around WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion), helping the community to adopt more sanitary behaviour and achieve a better quality of life overall by reducing the spread of disease. The Grant will also fund the building of a BSF manufacturing facility on Seikkyi island, offering future sustainability and empowerment.

Myanmar [Burma]
The incredible by-product of the work is the sense of hope that comes out of it.

Meet Allan

Allan is the Australia Director of Living Water Development (LWD). Nearing retirement hasn’t stopped him finding time for philanthropy and his work in plumbing. This self-proclaimed “young” 60-year-old father of three has worked across South East Asia, Timor Leste, the Pacific, and East Africa. Allan is a firm believer in vision before process when it comes to helping people.

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