Plumbing a Charity’s Tanzanian Fundraising Farm

Tanzania is on the east coast of Africa and home to some of the world’s finest national parks, like Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti Desert. Despite these tourist destinations, the country’s economy is mainly agricultural and subsistence living is common. Only 57% of the population have access to clean drinking water.

Water for Africa, founded in 2013, is currently based in Perth, Australia. It has the mission of preventing water-related diseases across the continent and works with local teams in Tanzania and northern Uganda to drill new wells and repair old ones. Last year they saw an opportunity and acquired a farm in Tanzania. The farm will form an important part of the charity’s operations. Primarily as a base for their team of workers who install and maintain the wells in country, they’ll also use it as a source of additional income, growing avocados and macadamia nuts to sustain the drilling of more wells.

Tasmanian plumber Eliot Petrusma loves to travel. When his trip brought him to Tanzania, he visited Water for Africa’s farm space and was inspired by their work. He comments that Water for Africa “has a real impact-driven philosophy, connecting communities to help each other grow and improve.” Returning home to Australia, he applied for a Reece Grant to help fund the construction and installation of necessary facilities.

The Water for Africa farm has real potential to transform this region of Tanzania, Eliot says. “The farm will become a loop, generating income to fund the drilling of more clean water wells,” and Eliot has seen first-hand how clean water can transform a community.

“It normally falls on the children to get the water each day… Each well Water for Africa can install is more time for the kids to get the education they deserve.” With Eliot’s contribution and more work from Water for Africa, he hopes to see the farm become completely self-sustainable and self-driven.