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Tanzania, Tanzania
26 June 2020

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Plumbing a Charity’s Tanzanian Fundraising Farm
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The initiative

Water for Africa is a charity organisation with a simple goal—fresh drinking water for everyone in Africa. They recently invested in a farm in Tanzania to serve two purposes; first as an operational base for the organisation, secondly to generate profit for the ongoing installation of water wells in regional villages.

Eliot Petrusma visited the farm while travelling in Tanzania and was inspired to apply for a Reece Grant to help fund the facilities. He’ll construct new dwellings on the property and complete their plumbing, which includes large water tanks, hot water systems, irrigation and a full sewer system. Completing the farm’s facilities will enable them to keep working to give more communities across Tanzania access to fresh drinking water, enabling them to live healthier, happier lives.

Success to me would be when the farm is completely self-sustainable and self-driven, constantly generating the funds they need to install water wells.

Eliot Petrusma

Eliot’s a twenty-five-year-old plumber from Tasmania. His passion for travel led him to Tanzania, where he observed all of the fantastic work Water for Africa (pictured) were doing. Eliot’s seen the lifechanging effect clean water can have on entire communities, so he’s thrilled to be part of this work.

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