Project details

Mallavi, Sri Lanka
31 January 2021

The initiative

Fresh drinking water is essential for people and communities to thrive. One of the major problems with contaminated drinking water is kidney disease, which is rife in rural Sri Lanka. Tony Hudson, a plumber from WA, heard about the issue and wanted to help solve it. He joined an initiative called Pimp My Tuk Tuk, a global organisation that are raising funds in Sri Lanka. 60 participants ride across the country to raise money and awareness for reverse osmosis plants; when completed, this will be their 5th plant. The PMTT team train some of the local people to maintain the plants and hand over ownership to them, meaning the community will remain in control of their own water source.

Sri Lanka
The people who live in these villages would never be able to fund a reverse osmosis plant. But we can use our platform to provide a sustainable water source for hundreds.

Tony Hudson

Tony has been a plumber for over ten years. He took his passion for helping others and became a member of Pimp My Tuk Tuk.

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