Installation of a Toilet Block at the Gershibon School

The past thirty years in Uganda have been filled with conflict and upheaval. As a result, infrastructure is severely underdeveloped, and access to clean drinking water and sanitation is low. John McComb, a plumber from South Australia, has worked with The Gershibon School in Uganda’s capital Kampala for over eight years. The school has recently started a secondary program, with a full curriculum of English, mathematics, the sciences, commerce and more.

Despite the school providing quality education to over 400 students, the government declared the school would be closed if proper facilities were not installed. John applied for a Reece Abroad Grant to fund the installation to not only save the school from closure but increase the children’s overall health and wellbeing.

The project involves the installation of a full toilet block at the Gershibon School including flushing toilets, hand basins, and a septic tank. The septic tank will be emptied regularly to avoid contaminating ground water.

“Every child deserves the chance to get an education, and no parent should be worried about their child getting cholera, typhoid, or malaria,” said John.

The Gershibon School serves the Kasubi community, offering underprivileged children the chance at an education.

John says that the success of this project will mean healthy, happy children, getting an education and a chance in life to succeed.

“They’re getting an education that they just wouldn’t get otherwise.”