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Kampala, Uganda
21 October 2018
10 Days

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Installation of a Toilet Block at the Gershibon School
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The Gershibon School in the slums of Kampala, Uganda teaches over 400 students. However, Government officials have said that this vital school will be closed if they don’t remove their current pit latrines and replace them with flushing toilets. Plumber John McComb has been working with the school since 2010. He has worked in Kampala installing flushing toilet suites, basins, and cisterns for the primary school, and returned in December to carry out the same work for the high school. Installing these toilets will help prevent diseases like cholera and typhoid and reduce the contamination of local ground water supplies.

John McComb

John McComb is a plumber from South Australia who has a long relationship with The Gershibon School and the surrounding community. He believes children have a fundamental right to education and the chance for success and is passionate about improving sanitation and reducing the spread of disease.

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