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North Sulawesi, Indonesia
July 2017
Three weeks

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The initiative

Jack was excited to visit North Sulawesi, Indonesia in July 2017 to construct a rainwater catchment and filtration system that will service approximately 700 community members. Although thousands of gallons of rain falls in Indonesia each year, more than 40 million people in South East Asia lack access to clean water. Jack worked alongside non-profit organisation LearnToLive to help coastal slum community Likupang-Ambong to capture and filter rainwater, improving the overall health and wellbeing of all members.

North Sulawesi,
Without access to clean drinking water, people suffer unnecessarily from disease, hardship and too often, death.

Meet Jack

After four years of providing guidance, project management and technical assistance to LearnToLive’s Sustainable Water team, Jack Timmins was thrilled to be traveling to Indonesia to provide his expertise to a community in need. The father of three daughters has used the grant to build a water catchment and filtration system in Likupang-Ambong in 2017.

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