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Hudad Plateau, Ethiopia
April 2018
Eight months

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A revolution for the Hudad community
A humbling experience in the Hudad
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The initiative

Allan Kennedy will lead a small group travelling to a remote region of the 3,200m high Hudad plateau in Ethiopia, where NGO Friends of The Hudad is working to improve conditions for an isolated community of 200 through education, clean water and sanitation. FOTH is building a school and Allan’s project is to create an adjoining toilet block and help bring fresh water to the site. The community currently shares its water catchment with cattle, which impacts everyone’s health, especially children.

Hudad Plateau,
The hygiene that comes from clean water is immeasurable.

Meet Allan

After hearing about the Hudad initiative on the radio, Allan was quick to put his hand up to offer assistance and is eager to get to Ethiopia and start making a difference. Allan is no stranger to this kind of work, and has travelled to many third-world countries in recent years to lend a hand wherever he can. He can’t wait to bring sanitation to this community that currently has no access to any kind of fresh water.

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