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Malawi, Malawi
January 2016
3 years

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Final Phase of Medical Clinic for Remote Malawi Communities
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Chizula Village is a remote village in southern Malawi. It’s 20km from Monkey Bay, one of Malawi’s major lake ports, but its remote location means there’s a lack of local healthcare options. Villagers are forced to walk to Monkey Bay Government Hospital, which is often overburdened and a long way to travel by foot. Educaring Africa, an Australian non-profit, has partnered with the Malawi Volunteer Organisation to build The Tim Russell Community Health Centre. This centre will provide low-cost general health services and programs to around 40 surrounding villages, including Chizula.

Sean Car

Sean Car is the director of Educaring Africa. Ever since he visited Africa as a small child, he’s felt a connection with the continent. He founded Educaring Africa when he was 21 years old, and the charity has since been involved in a number of projects in Malawi and Uganda.

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