Reece Grant Application Form

Making a difference starts here. Applying for the Reece Grant is easy. Here’s a quick checklist of information to have on hand before you get started.

Local & Abroad Grants 

Project plan: What is the scope of work, who is involved and what are you hoping to achieve? Tell us a story about the people you are helping, what they’ve been through and what this project will mean for them.

Required funding: We’d like to know how much you need to make your project a success. Map out all of your anticipated costs in as much detail as you can so we can get a clear idea of your requirements.

Project timeline: When are you planning to get this thing off the ground? It might be in two weeks or it might be in two months – it’s important for us to know which so we can review your application accordingly.

The team: Who will be helping you with this project? It might be friends and family, colleagues, or maybe you’re teaming up with another charity or organisation.

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Next Gen Grant

Background: Tell us a bit about yourself, what you’re studying or planning to study, what you’re passionate about, and your aspirations for the future.

Circumstances: What might make starting or continuing your education challenging?

Talk you up: We need at least one reference, so have a chat to your chosen referee and give them a heads up.

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